Sunday, March 06, 2005

Snoring babies and Altoids?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn order to truly enjoy the small things in life I believe one must take at least one walk with a snoring baby. Although he didn't snore loud or a lot every so often a little chortle would drift out from behind his dad's ear to give us a chuckle.
NOTE: Did you know that according to the US government's patent office there are hundreds of anti-snoring devices on the market. Some of them startle you awake when they sense you are snoring. Unfortunately, they may only work because they keep you awake!
But I digress, Little Spud of the Time&Space crew, wasn't exactly in a great sleeping position, just happily stuffed into his too small Michelin man snowsuit perched on his dad's back in a backpack while the rest of us and big spud splooshed and slipped our way hunting for three caches downtown.

The N. Sask. river was still frozen over and there were lots of tracks on the snow still covering the ice. You know even in the dead of winter I'm not sure I'd walk on any river its just too creepy. We saw the stupid Edmonton Queen frozen to her perch on the southside of the river and what looked like a hovercraft type vehicle skim down the middle of the river. I had a flash of airboats in the Everglades, until the glare of snow and ice brought me back to reality, although I did see a really big know the 'gator kind waiting to drag you down a tree stump and gnaw on your pinky finger.

The caches were a bit challenging especially one of them, having never seen an Altoids container it was a challenge before we looked up the clue. When I first heard of Altoids I wondered what the heck an Altoid was as it sounded like something you got like a hemroid and certainly not anything I wanted to find out in a forest, at any rate I'm glad cache containers are not all like this!

The walkways were icy when we started out but by the time we got back to the north side of the river around noon we were all doing much more splooshing than slipping. And splooshing in a big puddle is much more enjoyable especially when you're, uh ... older ... yeah your boots are higher :)

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