Thursday, December 16, 2004

Local Edmonton Caches - sample export from GeoToad

Brilliant Brat has devised another cool scheme to display all the Caches within 50 miles of home base:

  1. set up GeoToad to build both, .html and .gpx files at a particular frequency. This is accomplished by calling GeoToad from a batch file with the native ms scheduler in Win2k.
  2. I’ve actually got two batch files, one for grabbing HTML, the other for GPX. I just add another line for each region (based on postal codes - also very cool) I want to update.
  3. also have the batch file copy the resulting files to my shared webserver space - enabling me to grab these files while away from the home computer.
  4. Load the resulting GPX file into GSAK. Then use GSAK to create a file for Mapsource. GSAK is great at managing all those waypoints you collect over time.

This is almost like magic :-) Gotta love technology.

[UPDATE] I just found this AWESOME overview of GeoToad.