Monday, December 20, 2004

Another cool concept in caching...moving caches! What a feast!

You never know what you’ll find while surfing caching sites. Here’s a great concept I can’t wait to see developed in the Edmonton area; Moving Caches!

Are you never first to find at a cache? Well that all ends now! If you?re fast enough you will be FTF on our caches! Yes it?s true that you may not be quite as fast as you thought, and find only some flagging tape where a cache should be, but sure enough, a day or two later it will show up somewhere again ready for you to discover its secret location.

Game, Set, Cache! is a moving cache for the Eastern Fraser Valley area. It is a 350ml Lock’n’Lock container with a roll of flagging tape, log book, sharpener, and pencil (and perhaps something special for the FTF!). There are no trading items in this cache. When you find it, tear off a piece of flagging tape from the roll and fix it to something where the cache was located. Remove the cache, post the find here, rehide it elsewhere, and then update the new location. The rules for the cache can be found by clicking on the link below and under the “General Rules” for the Moving Cache Game.