Sunday, March 13, 2005

Weekend GeoCaching Blowout!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhat a wunnerful weekend for GeoCaching in the Great White North.

First up, was the afore-pictured GeoCaching get-together. Officially called the Hot Dog Cache (see below) - it was a great gathering of GeoCachers from the Alberta capital region - though some Calgary folk (pictured) managed to make the 300+km trek north to enjoy the festivities (and we enjoyed their company too!).

For this special event, a new birthday-themed cache was placed ~350 metres from ground zero -- and our CowTown guests garnered the FTF! Well done!

Door Prizes, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate (nice!), Hot Dogs (double-fine!) and Hot Comaradarie were the order of the day - especially when the day was a very blustery +3C.

I know we (Brat&Testy) enjoyed the company, as well as meeting some new (to us) Edmonton area GeoCachers...and it appears that the 20+ attendees had a good time as well. It sure inspired us to go do more caching...we bagged three more today ;-)

As for the Hot Dog Cache...check out the photos below!

Source: Hot Dog Cache, Happy Birthday ..., Photos on Flickr

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