Monday, May 16, 2005

The Century Mark!

Yep, yesterday, in a fit of GeoCaching frenzy, we reached our 100th GeoCache.

We started out the day hooking up with our good friends and neighbours Time & Space. The plan was to try something new for us -- Brass Caps. These are also know as Survey Markers and sometimes called Benchmarks.

It's tougher than you'd think...they can be easily covered by debris, buried under shrubs, or lawn! Anyway, we didn't get our first one. We went off to grab a traditional cache (to sooth our bruised egos). On our way our, we passed a group of four GeoCachers, visiting from Calgary. They were very determined to get this cap..they brought a metal detector :-)

After returning, from our successful traditional, we decided to give the elusive cap another shot. Yeah, it was there...the afore-mentioned cachers kindly left it marked with survey tape. We had been right over it..just not able to find it. Well done!

Then, after being so inspired...we went of to find 2 more caps, and a few more traditionals...our 100th being X Marks the Spot...a very clever and challenging hide!

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